Day: November 2, 2023

Incredible eyewitness account of a double UFO encounter 50 years ago

An extraordinary eyewitness account details a double UFO encounter that occurred half a century ago, leaving those who experienced it in awe and disbelief. The incident transpired on a clear and quiet evening in a magazine called Canadian UFO Report on 1975. Two individuals were out for a leisurely drive when they spotted an anomalous […]

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The Dark and Mysterious History of Yosemite’s Tenaya Canyon

Tenaya Canyon, a challenging and unmarked section of Yosemite National Park, stretches from Tenaya Lake down to Yosemite Valley. It has earned the moniker “Yosemite’s Bermuda Triangle” due to its history of numerous accidents, injuries, and fatalities over the years. Some individuals even attribute a curse to the canyon, suggesting it may be haunted by […]

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bigfoot news

In Australia – ɑп ᴜпᴋпᴏwп ρгᴇԀɑтᴏг тᴏгᴇ ɑ wɪʟԀ Ьᴏɑг ɪп һɑʟf

A video has recently emerged on Australian TikTok, showing a boar being torn into two parts by an incredibly strong creature. Beside the remains of the wild boar found on the sandy terrain, investigators have stumbled upon large footprints that resemble the footprints of an extraordinarily large humanoid. Allegedly, this video was recorded in a […]

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