Astrophysicist warns: Alien life on two exoplanets could threaten humanity

Astrophysicist Professor Jane Breaves from Cardiff University has warned that two distant exoplanets, called HD 76932 and HD 201891, may harbor more advanced life forms than Earth.

In her latest study published by the American Astronomical Society, the professor emphasized that these worlds are 70 and 110 light years away, respectively, and are 8 billion years older than our Earth.

Professor Breaves offers our world a unique opportunity to look into the eyes of possible alien life. She believes that “the prospects for finding rocky exoplanets with continents seem very promising.”

She told MailOnline: “These stars are much older than the sun (about 8 billion years older), which means any planets have had time to get less radioactive.”

She added it’s “worth a look ASAP” to see if these rocky worlds really do exist – and if they do, there’s a chance life up there “could pre-date that on Earth”.

However, she also warns: “If there is more advanced life somewhere, it could put us at a huge disadvantage if they decide to play with us – or simply destroy us.”

Is there a real threat from aliens? The question remains open. Many scientists believe that the idea of ​​UFOs and highly advanced alien life forms is pure fantasy.

However, Professor Breaves insists that we should not ignore the possibility of more advanced civilizations and should begin researching celestial bodies to find out whether these worlds are indeed habitable.

Why haven’t aliens shown interest in Earth yet? There are several theories: perhaps they have already manifested but we don’t know it, or perhaps we are so unimportant in their eyes that they simply ignore us.

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