Bigfoot image discovered in India in 2012 – Proof Bigfoot

I have an image that I would like someone to analyze if you could. I did not take this.

I received this 3rd hand, not really a believer myself but I am becoming increasingly curious. The person who sent the image to me works with me and claims that his nephew (or uncle?) took this photo with a cell phone in December 2012.

The location the photo was taken was approximately 2 1/2 miles north of Ft. Defiance, AZ in a “pull-off” of the main road (Indian Route 7).

The person that gave me the image claims that he returned to the area the following morning and tracked the footprints for several hundred yards before turning around.

He didn’t take any pictures of the prints to my knowledge but has told me before that he has heard several vocalizations in the area on many different occasions and there are many reports of sightings surfacing among the locals (mostly Navajo). Please let me know what you think of the image.

Another video from India

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