Bigfoot reportedly filmed from train in remote part of Colorado

A passenger train in Colorado captured a remarkable video (see below) of a mysterious creature that some think could be Bigfoot. The video, which was shared online this week, shows a bipedal figure walking and crouching on a mountain slope, reports

The creature’s appearance and behavior have sparked a lot of debate among Bigfoot enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

The video was filmed by a man who was sitting next to Shannon Parker and her husband, Stetson, on the Narrow Gauge Railroad. The train runs between the towns of Durango and Silverton, and offers scenic views of the Rocky Mountains.

The Parkers told Newsweek that they spotted the creature on Sunday, near the end of their trip. They said they were amazed to see something that looked like a large, hairy humanoid moving on two legs and then hiding in some bushes.

The couple said they were not the only ones who saw the creature, as other passengers and train staff also witnessed the unusual sight.

They said they showed the video and some photos to the conductor, who said he had never seen anything like it before. He also said he had encountered some unexplainable things while snowshoeing in those mountains.

The video has gone viral since it was posted online, attracting thousands of views and comments. Many people have praised the quality of the video, which is clearer than most Bigfoot videos.

However, opinions are divided on whether the creature is a real Sasquatch or something else. Some Bigfoot believers have argued that the creature’s size, shape, gait, and location are consistent with other Sasquatch sightings.

They have also pointed out that Colorado has a history of Bigfoot reports and evidence. On the other hand, some skeptics have suggested that the creature could be a person in a costume, a bear, or a hoax.

The Parkers said they are not sure what they saw, but they are open-minded about the possibility of Bigfoot. They also said they hope that someone can analyze the video and provide more answers.

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