Bigfoot researcher claims creature may pose a risk to human life

A self-proclaimed Bigfoot expert maintains that there is the potential for Bigfoot to kill or abduct people.

Does an unidentified species of intelligent, bipedal hominid roam the forests of North America ? Thomas Markum certainly seems to think so.

Speaking to The Star recently, the cryptozoologist and documentary producer noted that while the legendary creature is only said to attack when provoked, there are historical accounts of alleged abductions which suggest that it may actively seek out possible victims.

“Without a doubt a Bigfoot could easily kill a man if it wanted to. The size and strength would be unmatched by a human,” he said.

“But this would be a very rare event, in my opinion. While the potential is there that Bigfoot could do human harm, it doesn’t seem to be happening.”

“There are a few historical reports of attacks but most are only after someone shot at a Bigfoot.”

On the topic of abductions, Markum referred to the case of Albert Ostman, a prospector who was allegedly abducted by one of the creatures and held captive for six days.

“As Ostman lay asleep one evening, a Sasquatch purportedly picked him up and carried him off while he was in his sleeping bag. He found himself in the presence of several Sasquatch,” he said.

“He eventually made his escape by getting the Sasquatch to try some of his snuff.”

As always, however, conclusive evidence of this event – or of the creature itself – remains elusive.

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