Bigfoot was spotted in shaky footage that was labelled ‘freaky’ by Reddit users

New footage that allegedly captures the infamous Bigfoot has given hundreds of commenters a new look at the beast, with the Sasquatch spotted in ‘freaky’ new footage by a Reddit user

The legendary Bigfoot has supposedly been spotted in a video that allegedly shows the legendary beast rising up from its haunches and standing tall.

The creepy video was posted to online forum Reddit and has left plenty of commenters stunned not just by the Sasquatch sighting but the quality of the video.

Taking to the Bigfoot subreddit, user r/MonsterSleuth uploaded a video that seemed to show the infamous Bigfoot in a forest at some distance, with the cameraman capturing the big footed beast rising up.

Users were split on the video, with some calling the sighting a “freaky” event while other, more sceptical users, questioned the reality of the video. The video, which seemingly shows Bigfoot lingering in the forest, was posted to Reddit and garnered a couple hundred upvotes and plenty of comments from users. One wrote: “Yeah, I was thinking bear until it stood up. Then I thought it was kind of freaky, if it’s real.”

The freaky video may have convinced some users completely, with one saying: “Not the first time I’ve seen footage of one of them like, squatting down in front of a tree doin something, looking more or less like a bear, and then boom!

“They stand upright and it’s wild as hell… and clearly no bear.” But other users were left questioning the context and quality of the video posted by r/MonsterSleuth, with one user suggesting a “stabilised version” of the video would “be cool”.

Another questioned the authenticity of the video entirely, writing: “The reality is who knows what it is. . .and no one can PROVE it to be bigfoot, as apparently the photographer did not feel compelled to continue filming a bit longer, (big surprise eh?) “It could be a person in a costume, or it could b a bear, none of us were there to see the event.

“All we really see is the anonymously photographed blobsquatch… IT proves nothing, except that the photographer could not focus his phone, and did not care to stick around and provide more footage”.

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