Bizarre Creature Captured on Gamecam Assumed to be Sasquatch

our first trail came capture was posted on january 15th of 2012 and depicts a romantic scene between two porcupines sitting atop a rock or perhaps they’re having a staring contest either way it’s a hilarious scene that you do not encounter in the wild very often

this capture was posted by the first light hunting journal and depicts a very weird or abnormal deer antler formation instead of curving upwards like normal these antlers have straightened out which is something that i have not seen before if you know why deer’s antlers straighten out like

this leave a comment down below explaining and speaking of abnormal antler formations we look at this post by gary’s pawn and gun back in august of 2020 and the capture reveals what at first glance looks like a 1 000 point buck which after a closer look is actually just some tumbleweed and sticks in his rack back

in the late 1980s in the state of ohio there was supposedly an authentic 1000 point rack discovered on a buck that was already dead even though this isn’t a 1000 point rack it’s definitely an interesting capture nonetheless this next capture ……

you will be further explained by the video below

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