Does Georgia Bigfoot look Gigantopithic? bigfoot image

this starts off a little dark but it would gradually show it a little Slater did that it’s somebody from Georgia they didn’t give their name.

it’s a woman and she scan it from a photograph that’s all she said why is every photo of Bigfoot either dark or blurry or if it’s a video the cameras shaky well this is actually on the it’s a still

but it’s actually on the quality of the more or less of the Patterson Gimlin film the Patterson Gimlin is it is a terrible film what’s it that thing is it stands out because it’s better than what’s out there but yeah

it’s very shaky and the the most defined is this clearer than Patterson Gimlin I think it’s it’s it’s maybe it’s almost as good if it sits but it’s obviously a still and even why why is it when people submit things they don’t want to give their name because they’re embarrassed well there’s a TV show called Finding Bigfoot how could they be embarrassed it could become an instant celebrity well

I don’t know if they make any money from it and it did they just begin may become labeled a kook let’s analyze this photograph does that look good do you think that looks real well it looks like an ape with human qualities

I mean but isn’t that what socially it’s not what Bigfoot is supposed to like well I don’t know I mean this does not look like a costume to me does it look like it to you the pictures just not clear enough to really tell ya it’s got kind of long legs yeah well it doesn’t look like a gorillas legs I’ve seen gorillas walking this looks like it’s longer legs it has broader shoulders that’s an interesting gait it’s kind of a funny gate okay why do you say that I it just seems strange strange to me his feet aren’t straight ahead okay so he’s kind of like vote it was legs or feet are sticking out weren’t it kind of yeah a little bit outward looks like to the right in the left are these arms that longer than well how do you they look a little bit longer but Dad does Bigfoot’s are Bigfoot’s arms long max out

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