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A video has recently emerged on Australian TikTok, showing a boar being torn into two parts by an incredibly strong creature. Beside the remains of the wild boar found on the sandy terrain, investigators have stumbled upon large footprints that resemble the footprints of an extraordinarily large humanoid.

Allegedly, this video was recorded in a remote region of North Queensland, Australia. A group of workers unintentionally came across enormous human footprints in the sandy soil, which led them to follow these tracks, ultimately leading them to the gruesome discovery of the two halves of a deceased boar.

Remarkably, the animal did not appear to be cut; instead, it seemed as though it had been torn in half at the midsection. It’s worth noting that Australia has not known any predators capable of such a feat for quite some time. Even wild dingoes lack the strength for such an act. Journalists have determined that this video was originally filmed several years ago but went relatively unnoticed at the time. However, it has recently resurfaced on the internet and has begun to regain popularity.

In the video, a man exclaims, “It tore it in half and left this next to it,” while showing the remains of the boar alongside the enormous footprints. He placed his foot in a shoe next to one of the prints, making it evident that the print is nearly twice the size of his own foot.

The video’s author points in the direction where the massive footprints lead, indicating that the trail of tracks seems to disappear into the bush. The workers also noted that they felt extremely uneasy in this location, as if they were being observed.

Upon seeing this video, Australian Yeti researcher Dean Harrison stated that the footprints in the sand undeniably belonged to a relict hominid, commonly referred to as the Bigfoot. Notably, in Australia, the local equivalent of the Bigfoot is called a yowie.

“These footprints are perfectly in line with other relict hominid tracks,” Harrison explained, also noting that the reactions of the workers in the video seemed plausible to him.

Dean Harrison has been heading the Yowie Research Center for many years and claims to have received more than 1,000 reports of Yowie sightings from every state in Australia. He specifically cited cases from New South Wales and Queensland as some of the most convincing.

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