Kids Perceive Reality Differently. Can They See Entities From Other Worlds?

The fascination with children under 5 and pets being captivated by seemingly empty spaces has sparked various discussions, including theories proposed by some parapsychologists suggesting that young children may perceive the world differently from adults. While these ideas often lack concrete evidence, they’ve prompted intriguing experiments and observations.

One notable experiment in 2005 involved taking 20 children aged 3 to 5 to an abandoned kindergarten that had experienced a tragic fire decades earlier. After a walk around the building, the children were asked to draw what they saw. Remarkably, 18 out of 20 depicted small dark silhouettes in addition to the eerie surroundings. When questioned, they described seeing translucent figures peeking out and quickly disappearing.

While this experiment isn’t definitive proof of children sensing ghosts or entities, it raises thought-provoking questions about perception and early brain development. Studies on brain development during early childhood suggest that perceptions during this phase differ significantly from later stages of growth. This theory finds support not only among neurophysiologists but also among zoologists.

Interestingly, animals, too, seem to perceive the world in a manner akin to young children. Pets, for instance, might exhibit behaviors suggesting an empathic connection to their deceased owners, while wild animals might react differently to environments associated with death.

Ghostly hands

An experiment in France in 2009 involved observing wild foxes and domestic dogs in a hospital intensive care unit where deaths occurred frequently. While wild animals reacted calmly to physical stimuli, domesticated pets displayed signs of distress, potentially indicating a sensitivity to intangible entities beyond our perception.

The question of the existence of spirits or ghosts remains elusive to empirical scientific validation. However, many individuals have reported eerie encounters throughout history. Some experts suggest that children’s heightened awareness and sensitivity to energies and events often go unnoticed by adults, leading to experiences that might seem otherworldly.

Dr. Kim Peirano, an Intuitive Healer, highlights that kids possess a heightened sense of awareness, contrary to the belief that they might be unaware of their surroundings due to limited communication skills. This suggests that children may pick up on subtle energies or events that escape adult notice.

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