Oxford Bigfoot Early Morning Raid on Rancher’s Rabbits Thwarted

Greg A writes RMSO Bigfoot

My uncle had one stalk his ranch in Oxford Idaho 1994.

RMSO responds

I know a lot of ameture researchers would try to write these off because they are not at full stride & in a straight line.. However years of tracking these creatures. They do not spend thier lives walking at a brisk full stride.. When they have to cross clearings or other obstacles that will leave them exposed they will square off like this from cover or a place they feel comfortable and observe the area of risk before continueing on..

Did anyone ever get a look at the creature?

Greg continues

He said something Was after his rabbits. About 3 am the animals sounded off. The second morning of the noises he found these tracks on the pavement and got these Polaroids. They didn’t get a look, but scared the bejesus out of em.

His place was out by the mountain with no neighbors close by. He’s since passed, but the family will never forget.Clearly a stalking walkway

RMSOBigfoot asks

Where they able to measure the tracks length or width? Or estimate the size compared to thier own shoe size?


Hi- I wish he would have thought of a size comparison. “Big” is all they indicated. The only reference I could attribute would be the size of the matrix in the pavement.
The swipe in the snow to the right lower has me wonder of a possible hand swipe?These were the only photos she had.


Tracking Bigfoot in the snow have seen where they swipe the snow with thier feet outside in.. Have alse seen where they put hand or knuckles onto the ground while being slow & sneaky.. This one was being sneaky it sounds like. Coming onto a ranch of animals and people hoping to snatch a rabbit or more.. He was probaly crouched low with big hands swiping the ground..

I owned a couple of Polaroid cameras while growing up for when I wanted an instant photo. Others I used a 35mm. So I am familiar with the one focus shot you get with a Polaroid… These appear huge in length and width… And have nice bigfoot shape dimensions..

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