Possible Bigfoot tracks discovered near Mt St Helens

A woman who had been driving through Washington State recently came across something rather unusual.

Posting on the ‘Washington Bigfoot’ Facebook page, the woman – Jennifer Powell O’Neal – described finding an intriguing set of large footprints leading up a steep hill in the vicinity of Mount St. Helens.

“I had to climb up a bit to get to the first print,” she wrote. “There were 3 total to the top and I couldn’t safely get up the rest of the way to check at the top of the hill.”

She also included photographs showing one of the footprints next to her shoe and her hand.

“I’m wearing a size 8 mens shoe, I used a piece of floss to get a proper measurement when I got home and it was 21.5 inches long,” she wrote.
“I looked for possible prank by human but it would have been impossible to have made them with no actual foot prints leading up. Also looked for marks from bear claws in dirt and none.”

“A few years back I also took photos of other prints I found on this same road and few years before that while camping we heard calls… I didn’t realize could have been from Bigfoot all in this area.”

The recent photographs are certainly interesting and clearly show a footprint-shaped depression in the ground. Judging by the comparative size of her shoe, the print was also quite large.

Whether or not this is really evidence of an unidentified species of bipedal ape that roams the wilds of Washington State, however, is a matter that will likely spark some lively debate.

Source: Washington Bigfoot

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