“Sasquatch Sunset”: Jesse Eisenberg Stars as Bigfoot in What Could Be the Strangest Film Yet !

“Sasquatch Sunset” is poised to challenge your perceptions of cinema with its peculiar premise and unconventional approach.

Set against the backdrop of four seasons, this film delves into the lives of a Sasquatch family, showcasing their interactions through grunts, moans, and howls. Be prepared for scenes depicting Sasquatch intimacy and playful pranks, all unfolding over the course of a mesmerizing 90-minute runtime.

Despite its fantastical subject matter, “Sunset” adopts a documentary-style presentation, offering a glimpse into the world of a mythical creature with global parallels like the Yeti and Chupacabra. Filmmaker brothers David and Nathan Zellner meticulously researched the Bigfoot phenomenon, immersing themselves in the online fan community to ensure authenticity.

While the cast boasts notable names like Jesse Eisenberg and Riley Keough, their performances are shrouded beneath layers of Bigfoot makeup. Keough recalls her experience of meeting Eisenberg at Sundance, where even she struggled to recognize him without his Sasquatch facade.

In conversations with USA TODAY, the Zellners and cast members reflect on the creative process behind this daring cinematic experiment, hinting at the potential for “Sasquatch Sunset” to become a cult favorite among late-night moviegoers.