South Illinois Close Encounter with Sasquatch – The creature was taller than cab of the truck

Approximately 25 + years ago my husband was driving on state route 127 north near Washington county lake Illinois. He had been visiting his parents in Marion Illinois.

He said today it wasn’t quite dark yet, just around dusk and not many cars on the road. He was not drinking! He saw a very tall what he thought was a man standing by a tree on the side of the highway. He slowed down and when he got closer he could tell this creature had no clothes on and covered in dark long hair. He said the sight of it scared him and he sped off. He never talked about it for years.

Then we heard about another sighting that is documented at the Washington county lake state park by a fisherman. There was another sighting near the lake area by a woman on her property. I think it was in the 1970s. Those other sightings in the same area made us think he might have seen a Sasquatch.

Southern Illinois is also the area of many sightings of the Big Muddy Monster down in the hills by the Mississippi. The stories are very intriguing to me. Thanks.

RMSO responds
Hi Ellen, was he able to estimate how tall or wide the creature was in relation to how far it came to your husband sitting in the cab of his truck? Did he see it well enough to describe the face or eyes?

Ellen continues
It was bent slightly over. He said it was taller than the cab of the truck he’s not sure how wide but big built. Face was covered with hair except around the eyes with a He slowed down to about 10 miles an hour. He said it came up to the edge of the road once he saw it he said it wasn’t a bear or a man It was swinging it’s arms as it walked to cross the road. It did not have shoes on and it’s feet were hairy on top and large. He said he doesn’t like to talk about it. It scared the crap out of him once he realized what it was!

RMSO continues
Appreciate the additional details. Wow that is a giant. Must be an adult male.

Ellen adds
And my husband is 6’7” so it truly was a tall one ! The fact that there were additional documentation of at least 2 other sightings in that area gives more credibility to his experience as well.

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