Oxford Bigfoot Early Morning Raid on Rancher’s Rabbits Thwarted

Greg A writes RMSO Bigfoot My uncle had one stalk his ranch in Oxford Idaho 1994. RMSO responds I know a lot of ameture researchers would try to write these off because they are not at full stride & in a straight line.. However years of tracking these creatures. They do not spend thier lives […]

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Bits & pieces of purported Himalayan Yeti – Bigfoot News

The Himalayan Yeti, often referred to as the “Abominable Snowman,” is a legendary and elusive creature said to inhabit the Himalayan mountain region. Despite numerous reports and sightings over the years, there is no concrete scientific evidence to prove the existence of the Yeti. ( bigfoot ) Various purported pieces of evidence have been presented, […]

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In Australia – ɑп ᴜпᴋпᴏwп ρгᴇԀɑтᴏг тᴏгᴇ ɑ wɪʟԀ Ьᴏɑг ɪп һɑʟf

A video has recently emerged on Australian TikTok, showing a boar being torn into two parts by an incredibly strong creature. Beside the remains of the wild boar found on the sandy terrain, investigators have stumbled upon large footprints that resemble the footprints of an extraordinarily large humanoid. Allegedly, this video was recorded in a […]

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Bigfoot reportedly filmed from train in remote part of Colorado

A passenger train in Colorado captured a remarkable video (see below) of a mysterious creature that some think could be Bigfoot. The video, which was shared online this week, shows a bipedal figure walking and crouching on a mountain slope, reports The creature’s appearance and behavior have sparked a lot of debate among Bigfoot enthusiasts […]

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Is there really a 1 in 6 chance of human extinction this century?

In 2020, Oxford-based philosopher Toby Ord published a book called The Precipice about the risk of human extinction. He put the chances of “existential catastrophe” for our species during the next century at one in six. It’s quite a specific number, and an alarming one. The claim drew headlines at the time, and has been […]

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South Illinois Close Encounter with Sasquatch – The creature was taller than cab of the truck

Approximately 25 + years ago my husband was driving on state route 127 north near Washington county lake Illinois. He had been visiting his parents in Marion Illinois. He said today it wasn’t quite dark yet, just around dusk and not many cars on the road. He was not drinking! He saw a very tall […]

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